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The stories that come out of a sharing circle experience of every ayahuasca ceremony are very profound and life-changing, but only very few have access to them. This project is about sharing those stories with a broader audience and help people understand the power and the benefit of the medicine and it’s community. 


“I’ve been so long without being grateful that I forgot how much it helps”

“Through the healing of ourselves we can birth a new world”

“It opened me up to a whole realm of empathy and care for other people”

“It opened me up to infinite possibilities of life”

“She is the only thing that can heal you”

“It gave me clarity about how I want to show up in the world”

“That energy gave me a new power to enjoy my life and feel a strong connection to the world”

“I truly recognized its active potential  to heal us not only individually, but also collectively”

“Through the healing of ourselves we can birth a new world”

Interviewer: Kirill Ignatieff (founder of 22STORIES)

Photography: 22PORTRAITS

Story editor:  Seema Seraj