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” I truly recognized its active potential  to heal us not only individually, but also collectively “

About four years ago my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which brought up deep fear and discomfort in me. I spoke with an ayahuasca facilitator and told him that though I was apprehensive, I wanted to come to ceremony with the intention of helping heal my father’s cancer. The facilitator said that ceremony is a perfect place to open the healing current. That ceremony was one of the most challenging ceremonies I’ve ever experienced – it was definitely one of the darkest.  I felt that I was actively going through of the dark aspects of cancer,  bringing them to light, and ultimately healing them. I received the message soon after that my father is doing the work himself and will heal his health. Sure enough, his post-surgery test results have all come back with 

clean results, and to this day the cancer has not returned.  That  ceremony was my most profound, where I truly recognized the active potential of this medicine to heal us not only individually, but also collectively.  When we all come together with intentions of healing, growth, light, and love, the current that we activate has profound rippling effects outward into our family, friends, and the rest of the world. With the help of the medicine I was able to find a deeper sense of purpose and daily gratitude for my life. Ayahuasca has really enabled me to not take any day for granted, and to express my gratitude for life through service to those around me.

Interviewer: Kirill Ignatieff (founder of 22STORIES)

Photography: 22PORTRAITS

Story editor:  Seema Seraj


Project Description

Ayahuasca is a psychoactive medicinal mixture of plants used for healing purposes in a ceremonial setting. The next morning after each ceremony a “Sharing Circle” takes place where all participants share their spiritual journey from the night prior.  The stories that come out of those sharingcircles are very profound and life-changing, but only very few have access to them. This project is about sharing those stories with a broader audience and help people understand the power and the benefit of the medicine and it’s community.