Vince Gaydarzhiev

CEO and co-founder of – a Secure Facial Authentication company

Tell me a little bit about your childhood?

“I think I was meant by my grand parents to be a musicians as my grand mother was the first violin player in the area we lived in Bulgaria. I played violin for a while until my parents bought me my first computer,and things started to change from there. I remember we had to create a separate phone line in my room as I was always on dial-up and the phone was always busy. Later as my fiends and I were trying to acquire faster internet speeds, we found who was our internet provider and asked whether they can give us faster internet speed if we extend our cable all the way to their building. That’s how we built our first ethernet network and then gave it to some of our friends, that was pretty cool. I liked computers.”

What’s your passion?

“Recently I discovered that I’m very passionate about creating new experiences and sharing them with the people I love, which not only makes all of us happy, but also bond us together. Life is all about experiences: one experience is to be successful in whatever you do professionally, but that’s not all, in fact most of it is outside. I think connecting with others and having shared experiences is more valuable than anything else we have.”